3.28.14 The Wonderful O

The Wonderful O by James Thurber. 72/72.

Aaaaaaaaaargh I AM TOO TIRED. It is a children’s classic, this guy who’s afraid of the letter O comes to an island looking for treasure and he takes O-things away from the locals because he’s a big jerk who needs therapy.* The lack of o’s becomes problematic and then it comes back to bite him and we learn that LOVE AND VALOR AND HOPE AND MOST OF ALL FREEDOM are important things that we must always fight for.

THE WORST HEADACHE. NO CRIT. I like his essays better and I think I preferred The 13 Clocks so far as oddo Thurber kid books go.

*No, he does, for his pathological hatred of the letter O that was brought on by his mother’s traumatic death out a porthole. I’m not being flip or anything, just, the guy needs help. And not to do bad things.


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