Star Wars Jedi Apprentice #1: The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton

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reread : 171/171

I am a Star Wars PURIST. In my universe there are three (3) movies, and they have not been digitally improved with grotesque swathes of George Lucas’s sense of personal genius. THREE UNSPOILED MOVIES. Buuuut I do like these child-books about child-Obi Wan and his developing relationship with Sadmaster Qui-Gon Jinn, who is so bummed out about how his last Padawanning went that he NEVER WANTS ONE AGAIN. Obi-Wan is almost thirteen and he’s gonna get kicked out of the temple and he gets in fights and it’s hopeless and then QUI-GON VISITS THE TEMPLE AND HE IS SO HOPEFUL AND THEN QUI-GON IS LIKE “NO, OBI-WAN, YOU WILL NOT BE MY PADAWAN,” AND OBI-WAN IS DISAPPOINTED BUT THEY’RE GOING TO THE SAME SYSTEM SO HE KEEPS KIND OF BEING HOPEFUL?? Anyway then they overthrow the local branch of an evil mining empire together and save some though not all lives. They are a great team! Breathe a sigh of relief, Obi-Wan! OR NOT BECAUSE QUI-GON STILL DOES NOT WANT YOU.

The important thing about these books is that they are not very good but they hit all these right spots. Here we have of TRAGIC FEELINGS, YEARNING TO ACHIEVE and or ESCAPE THEIR PASTS, excitement, despotism, dragon-type things…

And also a cliffhanger, for who has left Qui-Gon a note but his old pal the ruined Padawan,


DUN DUN DUN prepare for Jedi Apprentice #2: THE DARK RIVAL!!!!!


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